Wendy ShaneI’m Wendy Shane, founder of REACH Strategy. I started my company with one goal in mind – to make digital marketing more accessible and affordable so small businesses can market smarter and grow.

There are many small business owners who are great at running the day-to-day of their business, but don’t have the time, expertise, or budget to market it effectively. We fill in this gap by providing our clients with affordable and flexible digital marketing solutions that allow them to compete successfully online.

We eliminate the overwhelm and frustration that surrounds digital marketing, and implement cost-effective solutions that can meet the changing needs of a business as it grows. This ensures our clients get the most out of what they spend in time and money, marketing smarter instead of harder.

I work with a team of amazingly talented people who are just as passionate as I am about seeing your business grow. We’ll help you out-market your competition and reach your goals. We also like to think we’re the kind of people you can come to enjoy spending time with and be trusted to achieve your business objectives.

I get it!

I’ve been where you are – too much to do, too much to learn, too little time or money. I know how critical it is to spend precious resources wisely and effectively, and as a small business owner, often do more with less. I also understand the importance of overcoming these challenges so you are able to manage and market your business with confidence.

With an MBA and over 20 years of experience growing small businesses, I learned the key to success isn’t how much time or money you spend managing and marketing your business, but how smartly you spend it. My proactive and “get stuff done” approach relies on expertise that includes a unique blend of business, strategic, technical, creative and analytical savvy.

My story

I’ve always had a love for systems and all things “techie.” My family calls me “The Gadget Queen,” as I’m usually the first to buy or try the latest technology. I particularly enjoy the challenge of taking the pieces of the digital puzzle and organizing them into something that will propel your business forward.

I love digital marketing, and I love helping others overcome their marketing challenges. I’m a lifelong learner who believes in the importance of sharing knowledge. I don’t believe a lack of know-how, fear or age should hold anyone back from reaching their dreams.

End your marketing challenges and grow.

Digital marketing doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming to be effective, but it does have be coordinated and consistent. There is no “one size fits all” solution to marketing. Knowing what not to do is as important as knowing what to do.

Together, we will make sure you have the know how, clarity and confidence to maximize your impact online, increase revenue and reach your goals. We will also make your life easier so you can focus on what you do best.

So now that you’ve learned a little about me, let’s schedule a time for me to learn a little about you. 

Get in touch.