5 Offline Marketing Strategies That Can Drive Visitors to Your Website

by Digital Strategy

You may think that driving traffic to your website is something to be done totally online. After all, customers spend a lot of time on their devices, so it makes sense to push website promotion on the web. However, there are still some really simple offline marketing strategies that can send you traffic, too. Here are smart ways to drive people to your website with offline marketing methods:

Use promotional products with branding

Promotional products, or freebies, are an affordable way to get your brand and business in front of people. In addition to your logo, include your web address so that people know exactly where to find you if they’re interested in learning more. They may also find themselves in need of the products or services you provide at some point while using the item. Rather than wondering how to get in touch, they can pop right over to your site. Choose tangible items like pens, notepads, t-shirts, water bottles, reusable shopping bags, etc. You can hand these items out at community events, workshops, and more.

Sponsor community events and initiatives

Get involved in the local community so that people are aware of your services. Not only does it make a positive impression about your business, but it also gives you an opportunity to promote your brand. Sponsoring or participating in local initiatives and community events provides a perfect place to pass out promotional products, distribute flyers, and connect with your target market face to face.

List your website on business cards

Business cards may have an old-school feel, but they’re still absolutely essential. You should have them on you at all times so that you can hand them out to customers or leave them in local businesses. Keep your business card design clean and simple, but be sure that your web address is clearly visible with your contact information.

Create and distribute flyers

Depending on the type of business you have, you may want to distribute flyers to advertise your products and services. Make your URL clear and obvious by spelling it out. Use capital letters for each new word in the address to reduce confusion. Ask to leave them in local businesses like coffee shops or independent retailers. If you do go hanging them on doorknobs in neighborhoods, just be sure to check local ordinances. Some communities restrict soliciting or require notification in advance.

Purchase print advertisements

Not everyone has moved online, so reach out to customers the old-fashioned way with print ads. Design a persuasive and enticing ad that has minimal noise. Include your brand and logo, website URL and phone number, and a clear call to action. You can use print ads in local magazines, newspapers, mailers, and more.

Your marketing strategy should include both online and offline advertising methods. These tried and true standards in offline marketing can be excellent tools to help drive potential customers to your website. It gives them the opportunity to find out more about what your business can do for them.

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