4 Steps To Take if Your Facebook Ad Was Disapproved

by Facebook Advertising, Social Media

So you carefully crafted every word of your Facebook ad’s copy, created an attention-grabbing headline and meticulously designed or sourced the perfect image. But Facebook didn’t approve your ad!  Now what? This article will help you understand Facebook’s advertising policies and how to go through their appeals process, so you will feel more in control of your ads and get them approved more often. Let’s explore a few ways you can get your disapproved ad approved as quickly as possible.

Check the Facebook Ad Policies

When you submit your ad for approval, Facebook will check to make sure your ad adheres to its Advertising Policies. Each ad is reviewed against these policies and run through a process that is a mix of algorithmic and manual analysis. During the process, Facebook reviews your ad’s images, text, targeting, and positioning. They also take into consideration the content on your ad’s landing page.

The most common reason ads get disapproved is for singling people out by their personal attributes or behaviors. Using the pronoun “you” or “your” in your ad’s copy can often get your ad flagged for disapproval. For example, if you’re a fitness coach and your ad’s copy says, “Are you looking to lose weight?”, it’s likely it will get rejected.

If Facebook rejected your ad for violating a policy, edit the ad and resubmit it for review.

Reach Out to Facebook

If you’ve checked to make sure you’re not in violation of Facebook’s Advertising Policies, then it’s time to reach out to Facebook and appeal their decision to disapprove your ad.

The best place to start when appealing an ad is to try their live chat feature, so you can talk to someone in real-time. This feature is usually available on weekdays, from 9-5 PM, PST. To see if live chat is available, go here and scroll down to ‘Additional support’, where you’ll see the Chat icon if they’re available.

If live chat isn’t available, your next option is to send them an email, which is also under ‘Additional support’. They’ll usually answer you within 24 hours, but if they take longer, it’s not a bad idea to re-submit your query.

Occasionally, both of these options will be unavailable, which is when you should appeal your ad’s disapproval here.

Reach Out to the Community

You can also ask the community (https://www.facebook.com/business/help/community). This is where you can ask the Facebook advertising community specific questions. They’re generally fairly helpful and you can search to see if the community has already addressed your problem via the search function.

Reach Out to Us

Finally, a much easier and quicker way to get a response is to send us a message with a screenshot of your ad! We’d be happy to help you identify what’s needed to get the ad approved.