6 Smart Reasons You Should Be Using Facebook Advertising

by Facebook Advertising, Social Media

Facebook has become so much more than just a social site, and it’s now a premier platform for marketing and advertising. Businesses of all sizes and types are seeing the value in advertising on the social media giant. Whether you want to increase sales, boost brand awareness, drive targeted traffic to your website, generate new leads, or all of the above, Facebook is the site you need to be using.

According to Statista, 67% of Americans use Facebook, making it the most popular of all social sites. If that alone isn’t enough to convince you to get in on the action, here are 6 more reasons that you should be using Facebook advertising:

Increase reach

Unfortunately, organic reach is pretty much dead. With so much competition for people’s attention in their news feed, it’s easy for your business posts to get lost in the flood of content. To make it even more difficult to be seen, Facebook recently adjusted its news feed algorithm (again!) — to further prioritize content from friends and family over business pages. So what’s your alternative? It’s pretty simple – if you want potential customer to see posts about your business, you have to use Facebook Advertising.

Incredibly focused targeting

This is perhaps the most powerful part of Facebook’s advertising program. The company’s ability to collect demographics and data on their users makes it one of the most effective and precise targeting tools. You can create an ad campaign and direct it to an incredibly specific segment of the population. Facebook makes it easy to target based on things like age, location, language, interests, behavior, and much more.

Potential to reach millions

If it seems like everyone and their uncle is on Facebook today, that’s because they are! Facebook says that they have over a billion active users every day, and over 2 billion each month. Those are staggering numbers, and ones that should easily entice any advertiser.

You audience, no matter what you’re offering, is on the social media powerhouse today. Think about Facebook as an advertising opportunity where you can easily get your ads in front of the eyes of your desired audience. The vast potential that this one social site holds for marketers is simply too great to ignore right now.

Power of remarketing

Remarketing shows your ads to users that have visited your website before, or who have used your mobile app. Those businesses that users have looked up or checked out through Google are able to follow them across the Internet in the form of ads. Social remarketing has been shown to boost engagement and conversions, making it one of the most powerful and important marketing tools on the web.

Convert leads

You know your market and you’re ready to reach them with Facebook’s powerful targeting. Now your ads will be able to convert those leads that may be on the fence about your service. You can also choose to have your ads appear for users related to your target audience, expanding your reach.

Affordable and cost effective

For being such a massive platform, Facebook ads are surprisingly affordable. You can set your budget and see what works best before investing a lot. The options that Facebook offers make it a cost effective way to get ads in front of potential customers. Constantly split testing your ads is one of the smartest and simplest ways to make the most of your advertising budget. Find out what works, ditch what doesn’t, and be open to trying new tactics.

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