Why You Shouldn’t Boost Facebook Posts

by Facebook Advertising, Social Media

While Facebook advertising has become an indispensable and essential marketing tool for businesses of all types and sizes, there’s one feature that advertisers should avoid. Facebook gives you the quick and easy option to “boost” your post, but it’s a tool that savvy marketers know not to use. Here’s why you shouldn’t boost posts:

First, what does it mean to boost a post?

Boost is an option that Facebook offers to advertisers who may want to promote a specific post. It’s a quick and easy to way to get your ad in front of eyes and to reach more users. It’s also a quick and easy way to allow Facebook to eat up your advertising budget without producing the results you want and need.

Why you shouldn’t boost a post

It’s not going directly to your specific audience

When you opt to boost a post, the audience that will see it is not as targeted and specific as you want it to be. What will end up happening is that your ad budget will quickly be reduced, but your ad will be shared with people who may not be in your target market at all. They will be friends of fans, or friends of people who have liked your page or posts, and it can be an incredibly diverse and large demographic group. That’s not what you want as an advertiser. In order to get the most out of your advertising budget, you want to be extremely precise in who you target. By boosting a post, you’re avoiding the ability to hone in on a specific group based on demographics.

One of the best reasons to advertise on Facebook is because of the huge number of active users on the network. Facebook’s collection of data and details about their users is incredibly useful for advertisers, making a specific ad campaign more effective. You can take a small ad budget and turn it into sales with a strong campaign through this social media behemoth. By boosting a post, you’re letting a better opportunity pass you by. It’s almost a lazy way to advertise, since you avoid the work of digging into those specific demographics.

When it’s okay to boost a post

Only boost a post that is doing well already

Yes, I know, it seems counter-intuitive, but there’s a good reason why you should not boost a post that isn’t doing well already. Facebook gives increased reach to posts that are performing well with your audience. This means that the more people who like it, comment on it, share it, etc., the more visibility Facebook will give that post and push it out news feeds. So, if a particular post isn’t getting much engagement without being boosted, there’s probably a reason for that. Maybe your audience just doesn’t find it that interesting, valuable or entertaining, maybe the image isn’t enticing, there could be a number of reasons. But what’s important to learn here is to only boost posts that have already gotten a decent amount of reach and engagement.

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