3 Tools to Test if Your Website is Mobile Friendly

by Website Optimization

As web users are increasingly using their mobile devices to access the internet, it’s become essential that businesses of all sizes and types have a mobile-friendly web design for their website. If you aren’t sure whether your business’s current web design is mobile friendly or not, there are some free helpful tools that will let you know. Here are 3 of the best to try:

Mobile Friendly Test by Google

Google’s test will quickly and effectively analyze your site’s URL to determine if it has a mobile friendly design. Since Google is now taking mobile design into account when ranking websites, you may want to check with this tool if you’ve noticed your Google ranking has decreased. This tool lets you know how Google search sees your site, and if it is mobile friendly, you’ll be reassured right away. If it’s not, then you can take the necessary steps to improve it.

W3C Mobile OK Checker

The World Wide Web Consortium created the W3C Mobile OK Checker to help developers, but you don’t need any special skills to use it. You can simply enter your URL address or upload your web file to get the results. A series of tests will then be run on your website to determine how mobile friendly it is. Once testing is complete, you will receive a detailed analysis with a great deal of information, indicating whether your site is low, medium, severe, or critical. This tool is especially helpful for web developers, so if the results seem too complex or detailed, you may want to hand them over to your developer so that they can make the necessary changes to improve the mobile friendliness of the site.


MobiReady is a great tool for those who prefer to take in information visually. Once you enter your website URL, you will be able to see exactly how the site appears on different devices, including high, mid, and low tier cell phones, as well as desktops. A score will be assigned to your site ranging from 1 to 5. If you need to make improvements and changes, the detailed list you receive after testing will let you know what should be fixed.

All 3 of these tools are free and simple to use, so do take the time to check on the mobile friendliness of your business’s website design. It will benefit both your web ranking and your reach.