Content Marketing and Strategy

Content marketing is a critical component of enhancing a website, digital presence or blog. Without relevant and effective content, it is nearly impossible to drive traffic to your site and ensure visitors find a message that will capture their attention and their business.

Having and following a content strategy will keep your marketing efforts focused and ensure you provide a unique experience to your readers. We’ll determine exactly what type of content your audience is most likely to want and how often. We’ll map your content strategy to each stage of your customer’s buying cycle and identify the types of content that will resonate best at each stage.

And if you need assistance writing copy, whether it’s brief bits of copy created for emails or social media posts, lasting content for your service pages, or ongoing fresh copy written for your blog, our team can help you tell the best story possible. We offer a full range of standard and customizable content services to handle your needs or support your own team’s demands.

Content Strategy 

Content creation without strategy can confuse your target audience and negatively impact your business objectives. We start by gaining a comprehensive understanding of your ideal customer’s needs and wants, your business and services, and your customer’s journey (pre and post sale). We’ll also conduct a competitor content marketing analysis by taking inventory of your competitors’ content (type, topics and keywords), evaluate its quality and quantity (how often it’s published and where), and analyze the topics (gaps or opportunities?).

Content Audit

A content audit will assess the content you already have on your website, blog, and social media platforms. It will also help us evaluate if your content is relevant to your audience and supports your business goals. It’s important to know what content you have and how it’s performing before deciding on what’s next.

Content Writing and Curation

We will make sure your website, email and social media profiles deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time. Our copywriting services will ensure you always provide your target audience with relevant and valuable information, converting traffic into leads and customers.

Blog Post Editing, Formatting and Publishing

Once the blog post is written, we can assist with the posting, editing, formatting and optimizing. We also have access to many royalty-free public domain images which can be used to accompany a post.

Editorial Calendar Management

An editorial calendar is used to organize the content development process. By utilizing an editorial calendar, you will know what to do and when to do it. We will set one up and track the type of content needed, as well as when and where it should be posted.

Landing Page Creation

Websites are full of distractions. That is why we recommend you never start a marketing promotion or PPC ad without a standalone landing page.  We will design your landing page with compelling copy that will match your brand and also ensure it contains the same message as your promotion or ad. When you match the headline of your promotion with the headline on your landing page, you reassure visitors that they’re about to get the information they were after when they clicked the promotion.

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