Facebook Advertising Services

Did you know that for as little as $5 per day, you can make sure your small business reaches the people who matter most – your customers?

Facebook advertising is an extremely powerful method of targeting potential customers on the most popular social media site in the world.  With more than 1.4 billion active users, Facebook makes it easier than ever before to connect with your targeted audience and generate more sales for your small business.

Advertising campaigns can be targeted to users based on age, sex, geographical location, and the wide range of interests voluntarily provided by Facebook users on their profile accounts. 


  • Target your perfect clients by demographics
  • Target your local market
  • Reach more of your fans for pennies per engagement
  • Advertise to people who have visited your website
  • Use conversion pixels to see exactly how much it costs you to get a new customer or e-mail subscriber

Facebook Advertising – the Ultimate Targeting Tool


93% of social marketers are using Facebook for advertising. (Social Media Examiner)


79% of American Internet users are on Facebook (Pew Research)


74% of shoppers make buying decisions based on social media. (ODM Group)

What’s included With our Facebook Advertising Services?

We will help you identify the goals of your Facebook advertising campaign, define who you want to reach, and create your ad. We will also monitor every aspect of the ad’s performance, including the all-important conversion rate.

We monitor each Facebook campaign’s success, including impression, click, and conversion numbers, on a weekly basis. We also offer a 30-minute call each month to discuss any questions you might have about your campaigns and ads, as well as any changes in direction for the campaign.

Services include:

  • New campaigns, we will setup your Facebook campaign from scratch
  • Existing campaigns, we will optimize your existing campaigns to take them to the next level
  • A briefing on the goals (e.g., more leads, sales, local visibility)
  • Full geographic and demographic targeting with setup
  • Ad creation using stock images
  • Ad text creation
  • 5 days of split testing of 2 variations
  • Conversion pixel creation (if applicable)
  • Daily monitoring of your ads
  • Stopping underperforming ads
  • Monthly reporting
  • Recommendations of next steps

Most importantly, we WON’T set it and forget it!  We don’t believe in autopilot.

We work month-to- month with all of our clients. You can cancel anytime.

AND, unlike other agencies that provide ads management services, we don’t require a minimum advertising budget!

Hear what a happy client said about our services!

Liana DeLoidI hired Wendy and her team to help me grow my nutrition practice and develop a comprehensive marketing plan. Part of the plan was redesigning my website with new content that would resonate with potential clients.

After the website was complete, Wendy created two highly targeted Facebook Ads to announce the new site and promote my business. Within FOUR days I had a new client!!

I highly recommend Wendy to anyone who wants to be sure they are targeting the right customers, and delivering the right message.

Liana DeLoid
Founder and Principal, Engaging Nutrition

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