The Value Of Email Marketing and Why It Still Works

by Email Marketing

Creating a marketing plan means evaluating your business’s present position, and then determining the best communication channels to reach your target market. One channel that you shouldn’t overlook when developing your plan is email. The value of email marketing to businesses of all sizes is well proven, and remains one of the most effective ways to reach a target market. Here are several reasons why email marketing is so valuable:

Send out targeted messages

With email, you can send out a very specific and targeted message to your subscribers. Since they have requested or permitted email communications from your business, you can really hone in on providing the information that is going to be most useful to them. You can segment and target recipients based on services or products of interest to them, or on a variety of demographic factors, such as income level, gender or age, tweaking your message accordingly for each segment.

Give your readers exclusive offers

You can use your email marketing program to send your recipients exclusive offers that aren’t available through other channels. It creates the idea of a personalized offer that has been tailored just for them based on their interests and needs. This type of email would also encourage recipients to share your offers with potential customers. This is a useful tool for keeping subscribers signed up to receive future emails, as well.

Easily measure effectiveness

One of the best things about email marketing campaigns is that they make it easy for you to measure their effectiveness. By tracking the open, click through, and conversion rates, you can see what interests and intrigues your subscribers, and you can calculate the return on investment that a specific campaign gives you. The insight that you gain from these metrics can help you to improve future email marketing campaigns and provide leads for new business.

Email subscribers are better than social media followers

According to OptinMonster, email marketing is the channel that drives the most conversions, beating out social, and it’s a top factor in influencing repeat purchases. And unlike “likes” or “follows” where you can’t be sure your updates are seen, with email marketing you own your contacts and control your messages.

If you needed any further convincing about the value of email marketing, consider that a recent study by the Direct Marketing Association found that email marketing yields a stunning 4,300% ROI for US businesses. Email marketing remains one of the strongest and most effective ways for businesses of all sizes to reach new leads and engage with their target market.

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