How Service-Based Businesses Can Sell Solutions Using Instagram

by Social Media

If you have a service based business, you may be wondering just how you can use Instagram to boost sales. Since it’s a visual social media platform, it’s a natural fit for products. But it can be more challenging for those without physical merchandise to showcase. Luckily there are great ways to utilize Instagram as a marketing tool for your services by showing how you sell the solution that your target market needs. Here’s how to do it:

Tell your business’s story

Make a connection with your audience by sharing your business’s story. Storytelling is a key to building a brand that connects on an emotional level. Give them a behind the scenes peek at the faces behind the business, how it started, and how it’s grown. You don’t have to try to squeeze your story into just one post, either. Spread them out over time and share memorable highlights, talk about the struggles the company has faced and overcome, and share insights about what you’ve learned.

Not only can you do this through the images you share and the captions that you include, but you can also use Instagram’s Stories feature. Stories allow you to make brief video clips that will remain in your follower’s feeds for 24 hours. It’s a great way to get personal with your audience. You can also create categories of Stories to save to your account profile that you can add to and build out over time. According to the company, a third of the most viewed stories are posted by businesses, so you absolutely won’t be wasting your time by utilizing this feature.

Demonstrate your expertise

People want to work with and buy from businesses that they have confidence in. When they’re looking for a solution to their problem, they’re going to invest if they believe that it’s the best option for their needs. Use Instagram to demonstrate your expertise in your field in several different ways.

Highlight the problems that your service addresses. Show the ways in which your service tackles and fixes those problems. A great way to do this is by showcasing customer success stories. It can be as simple as a testimonial with a happy client.

Another way to let followers know you’re an expert in the field is by sharing tips, advice, and knowledge. They’ll appreciate the value that you add to their feed, and they may even look forward to hearing more tips and having more of their questions answered. You can share tips by showing it through photos, by creating infographics, or even making short video clips. Use the photo caption to expand on the info and interact with your audience in the comments section.

Always be positive and upbeat

People are drawn to aspirational images and messages because they offer them something to strive for. Make sure that your business is always sharing an upbeat and inspiring message, whether it’s with empowering quotes, insightful advice, or an eye-catching and visually pleasing photo. A positive brand is one that people will be attracted to. Ultimately, your audience is aiming for an improved lifestyle, and that’s what you want to make clear that your business can offer them.

As a service based business, using a visual medium like Instagram may seem daunting. Once you understand how to connect on the platform with the right visual content, it’ll be clear to your audience that you’re offering the best solution to meet their needs. Use it to spread a positive message with expert advice that’ll boost your brand across Instagram, and beyond.

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