Secrets to Creating Appealing Images for an Attractive and Enticing Feed

by Social Media

Instagram allows you to connect with your target market in a visual way, but it does take some work to get your images just right. It can be especially difficult to figure out what works when you’re a service based business without a physical product to showcase. With 1 billion active accounts worldwide on the app, no company can afford to miss out on using this platform to boost their brand. Here are some essential tips to creating appealing images that will make your Instagram feed attractive and enticing:

Plan Out Your Images

Come up with a plan for what images you’ll share and how they align with your marketing strategy. You’ll be able to see how the images you select complement one another to ensure that your feed as a whole has an aesthetically pleasing look. When you have images queued up and ready to post, it’ll also save you time and reduce the stress of trying to come up with something to share at the last minute.

If you have a blog for your website, then you’re probably already familiar with using an editorial calendar. Create a calendar for social media posts so that you know what you’re posting and when. Having it planned out ahead of time allows you to stay on message with your marketing strategy, especially when you’re focused on a specific promotion.

Follow a Color Scheme

For photos, you can create quality images just by making simple edits. Adding the same filter to all of your photos will give them a similar look, and that creates a cohesive Instagram feed.

When it comes to images that share text, like inspiring quotes or infographics, use colors that come directly from your branding and logo design. This will help your audience identify your posts more easily. They’ll see the colors, as well as other cues like fonts, and they’ll recognize your brand. Instagram can be a great tool in boosting your brand identity when you stick with a color scheme.

Consistent Quality

Posting any photos just because you like them or just because you feel like you need to get something up is not going to do your Instagram feed any favors. Random images will likely confuse your followers and could eventually turn them off. They’ll simply scroll past your posts or unfollow your account altogether. Maintain a consistent level of quality that ties all of your images together in a professional, stylish way.

Words Matter

Be consistent not only in the types of images that you share but also in the tone of your captions. You always want to stay on brand by using your company’s voice and speaking directly to your target market. Social media allows businesses to connect with customers in a more direct and personal way, but you should always carry your brand’s positive message with a professional, friendly tone.

Instagram can be an amazing marketing tool for your service based business. Approach it with a plan by settling on a color scheme that complements your brand. Maintain a consistent look with all of your images and photos, and stick to a regular posting schedule. By following these tips, you’ll have an attractive feed that helps grow your audience, and in turn, brings you more business.

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